expressIt is a revolutionary new approach to language translation

expressIt is a new service from Elanex, one of the largest and most reliable translation services companies in the world.

expressIt provides all the depth, nuance and quality of the world's best quality human translators, delivered with unprecedented speed resulting from powerful automation technology. expressIt delivers top quality, fully-edited professional human translation as much as 10x faster - 500 words in as little as 4 hours from your order.

For over ten years, Elanex has been building one of the world's largest networks of independent professional translators -- over 36,000. At the same time, we have been perfecting technology which automates management of every one of the sophisticated and subtle steps a typical translation must go through to ensure high quality translation. As many as 130 separate steps, even for the simplest project, are fully managed by our system, to ensure the best quality translation possible.

The result of this union of top tier human translators with sophisticated technology is expressIt: all the quality of traditional translation, but at speeds previously only available through low quality free translation, or unedited rapid-turnaround services.

  1. Upload your documents and place your order online. The entire process takes seconds, and all document analysis is fully automatic
  2. expressIt intelligently identifies the top 100+ translators best qualified for your document out of our network of over 36,000, plus an editor to review the translations (What is an editor?)
  3. expressIt project manages human translation and editing fully automatically
  4. Translations are automatically placed back into your original document preserving formatting
  5. Top quality human translation is returned up to 10x faster than industry standards!

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