Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about expressIt and their answers. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

What makes expressIt translations high quality?

expressIt uses the same translation process used by our parent company, Elanex, which has provided top quality translations to some of the world's most demanding clients for nearly ten years.

The key to high quality translation is (a) recruiting top quality translators, (b) choosing appropriate translators for the content, and (c) having editors review every translation for quality and consistency. expressIt uses the same process, but uses technology to automate the steps that were traditionally managed by a human project manager.

How fast will my translation be returned?

expressIt provides translations about 10x faster than translation industry standards. A translation that would historically have taken 2 to 3 business days will be returned in a few hours.

Are you taking shortcuts?

Yes! We are using advanced technology to eliminate all the usual 'downtime' that is part of a translation project. In a 500 word project, actual translation typically takes only about 2 hours. Editing may take an additional half an hour. So that's only 2.5 hours - but the industry standard would be around 2 business days to do the project!

The reasons for the delay include: (a) human project managers have to sleep at night, (b) project managers have multiple projects on the go, and can't instantly switch their attention to your project when one stage completes and it's time to move to the next, and (c) there's a limit to how much human project managers can do in parallel - it's simply not possible for them to contact several hundred translators and manage their availability.

expressIt automates all of these tasks - and consequently eliminates almost all of the time needed for project management, so expressIt project timing is much closer to the actual time required for the translation and editing.

Are you using machine translation (MT)?

No, not at all. Machine translation is a wonderful technology, with much promise for reducing the cost of translation, but expressIt exclusively uses the world's best human translators.

Why isn't expressIt free?

expressIt uses some of the world's best linguists to deliver top quality translation you can trust. Although expressIt reduces project management and other costs through advanced technology, our translators and editors receive industry-standard compensation for their work.

What is an editor?

Our 'Certified Editors' are our top linguists, chosen for their high level skill in reviewing translations to ensure complete accuracy, correct reflection of the 'intent' of the original, and optimal style. Our Certified Editors are natives in the target language, with many years of experience both translating and editing specifically in the language pair of the order.

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