How much will it cost?

expressIt delivers top-quality human translation for less than you might expect. All translations are performed by native language, qualified, tested professional translators plus a second linguist, an Elanex Certified Editor, reviews the document to provide guaranteed quality.

To obtain a price estimate, you can simply start an order, there’s no obligation to purchase. Or, if you know how many words are in your document, here is a list of common languages and rates per source word for standard timing translation:

Target language $USD per source word
Chinese (Hong Kong) 0.170
Chinese (Mainland) 0.145
Chinese (Taiwan) 0.170
French 0.195
French (Canada) 0.240
German 0.195
Italian 0.175
Japanese 0.240
Spanish (Latin America) 0.150
Spanish (Mexico) 0.175
*$20 minimum per language

Need a different language? No problem – we translate into virtually all the world’s written languages – over 100! You might notice we don’t offer a low-cost option – pennies per word. That’s because we only work with professional translators, not students or non-native speakers. Because when it comes to language, words matter.

If you don’t know how many words your document contains, here’s a handy guide:

Type of document Average words per page
Email 300
PowerPoint Slide 50
Per page of typed text 200 - 500

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